Patient Participation Group

Welcome to Strawberry Hill Medical Centre Patient Participation Group (SHMC PPG)

Every GP Surgery is required to establish a PPG but each PPG is unique, evolving to meet local needs. SHMC PPG works with the Practice to offer the following:

  • Ensure consideration of the Patient perspective on the services that are provided by the Practice
  • Help to improve communications between Clinical staff and patients and their relatives
  • Assist all parties in the seeking a resolution of concerns and complaints
  • Encourage patients to take more responsibility for their health
  • Provide practical support to those who attend the surgery
  • Link with other groups in the Health sector in West Berks

The Organising Committee is a group of PPG members who have volunteered to represent the views of the patients of SHMC. The Organising Committee will have a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and other members may be co-opted for various roles. This Committee has an agreed Terms of Reference. It meets meet regularly bi-monthly and holds an open AGM once a year.

All patients at SHMC have the opportunity (at registration or opportunistically via the website) to join the PPG. By completing our patient participation form you are agreeing to be a virtual member of the PPG. We may contact you via the surgery by email a few times each year. This may be to ask you general questions about the practice as short questionnaires, to inform you about the work of the Organising Committee or to invite you to attend the PPG AGM.  All patients of SHMC may volunteer to become members of the Committee and/or stand for office.  Prior to the AGM, a meeting will usually be called for volunteers to attend and discuss their potential involvement with Committee members and PPG officers.  If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else to join the PPG Organising Committee please complete this form and return it to the Surgery at any time.

Latest News

The SHMC PPG held its AGM on 14 March 2019 at Strawberry Hill Medical Centre.  Notice of the AGM will normally be issued by email to virtual members of the PPG and to all patients by notices within the Medical Centre.  All patients are welcome to attend the AGM and encouraged to do so.

An agenda item for the AGM was the Election of the Organising Committee.  It was agreed that the new PPG Organising Committee would hold its inaugural meeting on 2 April where officers would be elected, immediate business identified and an early date for a full meeting set.

The PPG Organising Committee met on the 2 April and the Posts of Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary were voted in as follows:

  • Chair: Karen Swaffield resigned as Chair. Seán Coughlan was elected without opposition
  • Vice Chair: Karen Swaffield was elected without opposition
  • Secretary: Judy McCulloch was re-elected without opposition

The PPG is to meet bi-monthly and Committee members are expected to attend.  The agenda for each meeting is to be published beforehand and minutes are issued afterwards as a record of the meeting.  The next PPG Committee Meeting is scheduled for 7 May.

Organising Committee Nomination

We are keen for new members to come on to the Patient Participation Group Organising Committee. The PPG and its Organising Committee seeks to achieve an accurate reflection of the Practice demographic: we do not yet have the balance we seek.  Please consider whether you wish to be involved: it is a real opportunity to support the surgery and make it better for all patients.

Strawberry Hill Medical Centre PPG Nomination Form for PPG Organising Committee


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Privacy and Data Protection

Please be assured that your contact details, email address etc. are kept safe and secure and are never shared with anyone else. All contact will be made by the practice on behalf of the PPG.

No medical information is provided to the PPG nor will it be sought from the Practice.  No questions of a medical or other confidential nature will be responded to by the PPG or its officers. Any information you supply us will be used lawfully, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. The Data Protection Act 2018 gives you the right to know what information is held about you, and sets out rules – the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) – to make sure that this information is handled properly.